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The Isle is going to have Steam Workshop very soon, which enables mods in the game. Some mod makers have already begun their work and are now in need some help! Below are some mod makers listed who are searching people to help them out and make the mods available to the game. Are you the one they need to save the day?

More Skins Mod!

More different and some natural looking skins created by OfNaturalDesign! They are looking for adding some natural designs related to different biomes and markings. They are looking for people who have talent to transfer their art into actual game model skins in-game and people with experience of having creating a mod!

Example of her made design of Piebald Allosaurus!
Freak of Nature. by OfNaturalDesign
Could be used in for example of Desert or Savanna biomes, perhaps?

:bulletwhite: Take contact to OfNaturalDesign directly if you think you can help her to bring this mod reality!

Hyperendocrin (all) Dinosaurs Mod!

This hype has been here a while and hopefully for here to last. EmilyStepp is searching people who have knowledge about the engine to help with the mod. People who can transfer the models in game, animate them and add custom sounds maker for all Hypo Dinosaurs. This mod would include all non-top tier carnivores and herbivores. Current concept art for the mod can all be found from our Future Mod Concepts - folder!

:bulletwhite: Take contact to EmilyStepp directly if you think you can help her to bring this mod reality!

Have a mod but need people to help you? Leave us a comment telling about what kind of mod you are working with for The Isle. What kind of help you need and we will add it to the journal.
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